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Here are the results of your voting for the first field of 32 MOST OVERRATED OF ALL TIME!

Thanks for taking the time to vote!

The next field of 32 will be posted next week, and once we've narrowed the field down to 32 total players, I will begin to mix and match to move forward in determing the MOST OVERRATED PLAYER OF ALL TIME. Stay tuned!


#1 Joe Namath - QB, NY Jets: an overwhelming (or underwhelming I guess) victory for B'way Joe here          
#2 Ryan Leaf, QB SD: but as Rob Toxin stated, "There's a difference between a bust and being overrated."                
#3 Plaxico Burress, WR NFL: his "value" - like his performance - is up, down & unpredictable.                  
#13 Steve Young - QB, 49ers: makes up for Toxin's sentiment regarding Bradshaw.
 #5 Terrell Owens - WR, Bills: Thank heaven for reality TV, at least he has a future on VH1.
#6 Michael Vick - QB, NFL: will always be a runner first, with questuionable leadership skills
#7 Doug Flutie - QB, USFL/NFL/CFL: Dougie does much good for the community but still lives off that one big play.
#8 Brian Bosworth - LB, Seahawks: again to quote Toxin, "at least Mandarich never wrote a book and then busted".


#16 Alex Rodriguez - SS, Yankees: Despite the 'roids I'm surprised by this as I though Ripken was a shoe-in.
#15 Derek Jeter - SS, Yankees: another shocker... voting was close but "El Capitan" edge out the "Wizard"
#3 Jose Canseco - OF, MLB: cheater...              
#4 Bobby Murcer - OF, Yankees: his 162 game average is 21 HR, 89 RBI, .277 BA, .477 SLG %. Not stellar...
#5 Barry Zito: Vespula: "a name like a character from a crime drama, you expect greatness, It's a crime alright."
#6 Darryl Strawberry - OF, Mets/Yanks: Along w/ Gooden the biggest waste of raw talent in the past 30 years.
#10 Mark McGwire - 1B, A's/Cardinals: cheater...
#8 Sammy Sosa - OF, Cubs/Rangers: cheater... 
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Let's begin the tournament

We'll start with half the field of 64; the first 32 nominees represent those with the most votes from Major League Baseball and the National Football league.

You know how this works - copy & paste to respond, and it would be easiest to simply deleted the name/picture of the player you want to vote out. Without trying to sound too much like Jeff probst, please remember that you are voting for the person you think is most overrated.

Keep in mind that the players listed here are not necessarily my personal choices - and some would not even appear on this list if I had my way. I included all of the players submitted by those who responded to my post, my nominees and filled out the remaining gaps by pulling from other polls (such as the Sports Illustrated article & Bleacher Report blog).

The one exception to this is Barry Sanders - with all due respect to Jalopy (who along with others understandably criticized my choice of Lance Armstrong - I have no problem with any of those viewpoints), I decided to throw my own choice of Plaxico Burress in the mix. And I can't bring myself to include a guy who's 3rd all-time in rushing yards who played on a clearly inferior team compared to Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton, and certainly would have far surpassed both of them had he played the same number of seasons as they had.

I'll post the other half of the field once we get through the first 32; I'll try to keep it moving along as fast as possible.
Thanks to everyone who participated in building this tournament. 


 #1 Joe Namath - QB, NY Jets                 vs.    #16 Tom Brady - QB, Patriots

 #2 Ryan Leaf, QB Chargers                   vs.    #15 Terry Bradshaw - QB, Steelers

 #3 Plaxico Burress, WR NFL                   vs.    #14 Deon Sanders - NFL & MLB

 #4 Vince Young - QB, Titans                   vs.   #13 Steve Young - QB, 49ers

 #5 Terrell Owens - WR, Bills                   vs.   #12 Brett Favre - QB, Packers/Jets

 #6 Michael Vick - QB, NFL                       vs.   #11 Lawrence Phillips - RB, Rams

 #7 Doug Flutie - QB, USFL/NFL/CFL           vs.  #10 Todd Marinovich - QB, Raiders

 #8 Brian Bosworth - LB, Seahawks            vs.  #9 Tony Mandarich - OL, Packers


 #1 Cal Ripken Jr. - SS, Orioles                 vs.  #16 Alex Rodriguez - SS, Yankees

 #2 Ozzie Smith - SS, Cardinals                 vs.  #15 Derek Jeter - SS, Yankees

 #3 Jose Canseco - OF, MLB                      vs.  #14 Bo Jackson, RB (NFL) / OF (MLB)

 #4 Bobby Murcer - OF, Yankees                vs.  #13 Pete Rose - multiple positions, Reds

 #5 Barry Zito - SP, Giants                         vs.  #12 Nolan Ryan - SP, Mets/Angels/Astros/Rangers

 #6 Darryl Strawberry - OF, Mets/Yankees   vs.  #11 Chipper Jones - 3B, Braves 

 #7 Phil Rizzuto - SS, Yankees                   vs.  #10 Mark McGwire - 1B, A's/Cardinals

 #8 Sammy Sosa - OF, Cubs/Rangers         vs.  #9 Barry Bonds - OF, Pirates/Giants


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